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Meeting May 2012

Attendees- Members: Laurie Adkins, JL Clifton, Sunny Given, Jamie Mauzy, Marcella Rexrode, Jerri Sipe and Sherry Turner. Also attending were John Fitzgerald and George and Mickey Deike.

Minutes from Previous Meeting- Sunny moved that the minutes from the April meeting be approved. Jerri seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report- Laurie reported that, as of April 30, we had $3,449.51 in our operating account and $101.72 in our Pampered Pets account. The current amount of our loan is $138,990.32. Total income for April was $1,171.45 and total operating expenses were $2,002.93. There were 12 cat spays, 10 cat neuters, 7 dog spays and 1 dog neuter for April. The mortgage payment for April has been made. We are waiting to hear from the bank if they have approved another six-month extension on our interest-only payments. Discussion was made on upcoming bills, and Sherry moved that $1,050 be transferred to the Pampered Pets accounts to cover those. Laurie seconded and the motion passed. Sunny moved that the treasurer's report be approved. Jerri seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Sunny and Jerri also turned over to Laurie additional donations from the Paws for Pets fundraiser.

Shelter discussion JL welcomed the Deikes and John Fitzgerald. They are interested in our plans for an alternative shelter. Sherry described our shelter plans for them. She and Jerri have been working with Bill Dagget, a shelter planner, and forwarded information to him he has requested to help plan for our needs based on our current shelter. Mickey reported that conditions at the Durbin shelter have not improved. There are also reports of animals being poisoned on Back Mountain Road near the current shelter. John passed around photos taken at the shelter last year. The Deikes and Fitzgerald want to know if there's any way we can work together towards a solution to move shelter animals to a better location. JL explained our current financial position. We have been inviting members of the HSPC to our meetings to try to work together on the shelter situation. The HS is concerned for the animals. We are also concerned with the $50K funding limitation that the County Commission seems stuck on. The HS, the SPCA , the Deikes and Fitzgerald all agree that a shelter cannot be run adequately on $50K per year. Fitzgerald presented his position: he is willing to remove himself from the ARC building affiliation. He would like to see Sandy Mallow move her shelter to Marlinton as a temporary solution to better the living condition of the animals currently in her care. Fitzgerald and ARC have filed a lawsuit against the County Commission over the shelter situation, which will be heard on May 9. After much discussion, the HS agreed it would be worth a try to hold a discussion with ARC, the SPCA, Sandy and have the Deikes facilitate. A meeting date of May 10, 6 p.m. At the Green Bank Library was set, and Mickey agreed to contact Sandy, JL will contact Geoff Hamill (SPCA) Sunny will contact Cris Weber (SPCA). Laurie and JL are to attend and represent the HS. Sherry, Jamie and Marcella will attend the Bath County Humane Society meeting on Saturday, May 12. The topic of the conference is formation of a regional animal welfare organization and strategies to improve the animal welfare situation in Bath, Highland and Pocahontas counties. A regional group is not intended to replace local groups, but to work with them and assist them. Jean Von Shilling, with the Bath Animal Welfare Foundation, will be giving a talk about things she learned at a recent conference in Virginia.

Paws for Pets Sunny will contact Pendleton Community Bank or City National about promoting our Paws for Pets fundraiser, and Jerri will contact Citizens National in Slaty Fork.

Ducky Race A special meeting specifically focusing on the 2012 Ducky Race will be scheduled in the near future. The Chamber of Commerce has already been in touch with Sunny about the race and the Fun Dog Show so it could be included with their promotional material. New tickets need to be ordered for the race.

Banking and Bill Paying Laurie stated she needed additional funds to pay bills and insurance. Sherry moved we transfer $1,050 to the Pampered Pets account to cover those bills. Laurie seconded and the motion passed.

Other Sunny moved and Sherry seconded that we dissolve Pampered Pets, LLC. The motion passed. Marcella reported that the former Durbin Clinic building was not condemned, as was earlier reported. This might be a possible spot for a rotating vet clinic. Marcella has discovered the Neighborhood Investment Program, which allows donors vouchers for their giving, and gives us tax credits to reduce contributions tax. This would be very helpful when we try to secure door prizes, for instance, for fundraisers, but might also be applied to other areas of giving. Sherry moved Marcella complete the application process, Jerri seconded and it passed. JL announced the resignation of Jane Dumire from the board. Jerri moved and Laurie seconded that the resignation be accepted, with regrets. Sherry and Laurie moved that JL draft a reply letter, thanking her for her service. Both motions passed.