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Meeting March 2012

Attendees-Laurie Adkins, JL Clifton, Loretta DeRossett, Sunny Given, Nancy Maddalena, Jamie Mauzy, Cheryl McCullough, Marcella Rexrode, Judy Sanders, Jerri Sipe and Sherry Turner. Guest: Geoff Hamill and friend Astrid.

Minutes from Previous Meeting- Sunny moved that the minutes from the meeting of February 2 be approved. Laurie seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Volunteer Hours and Mileage DUE-JL reminded everyone that the due date for giving their hours and mileage for 2011 to Nancy is today.

Treasurer Report-Laurie reported that, as of February 29, we had $10,025.42 in our operating account and $32.51 in our Pampered Pets account. The current amount of our loan is $139,266.98. There were 5 cat spays, 1 cat neuter and no dog spays or neuters for February.

Donation Letter Update:Laurie reported that we have taken in $3,004.00 from our donation request letter.

Thank You Notes:Nancy reported that she had 20 thank you notes to write herself and distributed 27 for the volunteers to do.

Donation Cans:Laurie reported that Jane has given her the keys for all the cans for which she has been responsible, except for those at the Greenbrier Grille and Foodland. Laurie will take over all of Jane's cans except for the two.

Sunny said that Tim McClung has agreed to let us put a donation can in the lobby of First Citizens Bank. She also said she would talk to the school about shop classes possibly making donation boxes for us.

Nancy moved that we accept the Treasurer's Report for February. Jerri seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Committee Reports-Animal Shelter Committee:Sherry and Jerri showed their updated floor plans for our future shelter.

Fundraising Committee:The Fundraising Committee presented for discussion several fundraising plans and projects. The First Citizens Banks in Marlinton and Arbovale have agreed to participate in the "paw prints" fundraiser for March which is now in progress.

The Hillsboro School has agreed to do a "Pennies for Pets" fundraiser for us and we will ask the Marlinton School.

The committee would like to hold a fundraiser at the Opera House in June or July. Either we can provide refreshments or we can get a youth group to do it. We can also sell candy bars during that time. The fundraising idea book is on the desk in the office.

Mark and Marsha Kane have been consulted about doing a trail ride fundraiser and have agreed that it is a good idea.

If we get a license, Phillip Doolittle would probably be willing to help us set it up. It costs $50 to rent the BFD Firehouse in Durbin or we could use the library.

Sunny said we will do a Fun Dog Show on Saturday at Pioneer Days (July 4-8) and at the Autumn Harvest Festival (last Saturday in September).

JL reminded everyone that he has Snowshoe Treasure on the Mountain tickets which sell for $100, for which we get $10 for each ticket sold.

Old Business-Rabies Clinic:Sunny said she will call vets in Elkins to get them to do a rabies clinic for the upper end.

Spay Day:Nancy reported that we had four dog spays, 1 dog neuter, two cat spays and one cat neuter for our National Spay Day increased voucher offer. She noted that several people asked for regular vouchers along with their special voucher.

Roof for HSPC Building:JL commented that the new roof looks great. Sunny said we need the invoice to submit for reimbursement from Hornbrook grant. Loretta said she would call and get the final bill.

Hornbrook Grant:Sunny reported that she had mailed the application for this year's Hornbrook Grant today. We have asked for $3,000 and would like to gravel the rear parking area and the drive-around.

Website:Marcella reported that her sister, Ava, had completed the website template and needs information to put on it. She has also made a Facebook link and can combine it with our current Facebook account.

Sunny volunteered to start work on the front page of the website and will e-mail everyone a draft.

Sherry moved that we provide Ava with the account information she needs to set up a PayPal account on the new website. Jerri seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Sunny moved that we have a "go live" date of April 1. Someone seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. (Your humble secretary apologizes that she did not get the name of the person who seconded the motion since her recording device and, apparently, her brain, were not working at the time.)

In discussing a point of contact for the website, it was agreed that e-mails from face book would go to an e-mail distribution list. Nancy said she would e-mail the list to Marcella.

Promoting the HSPC:It was agreed that the promoting of the Humane Society ties in with the website. We can use information on the website to go into the paper and on the radio. It was noted that the paper doesn't always publish our information. Space must be purchased and is free only if they have room.

Jerri distributed a letter to the editor that she had written. The group edited the letter. It was agreed that it should be tried as a letter to the editor first and, if that doesn't work, as an ad. Jerri said she would revamp the letter and e-mail a draft to everyone.

Membership Drive:Sherry said that there may be two more new members at our next meeting.

Pampered Pets:Electric Bill - Sunny said she had called the power company and they have agreed to bill on actual amount used and not based on past years' usage. We are now getting bills of around $40 to $50 a month. Last month's bill was $48.61.

Sunny moved that we move money in the amount of $750 from the HSPC account to the Pampered Pets account to cover March expenses. Nancy seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

New Business-Committee Formation:JL said that we have not been able to have committees for a long time since we have been too small. Now, we have an active Shelter Committee and Fundraising Committee. He would also like to establish a Media Committee. It was agreed that we will discuss the Media Committee formation later.

Mission Statement:It was agreed that we need a Mission Statement.

By-Laws:Nancy said she would e-mail our bylaws to everyone for review.

Chamber of Commerce Membership:It was noted that we pay a membership fee of $100 per year to the Pocahontas County Chamber of Commerce and that we were charged $100 as our part of its advertising of the Harvest Festival which included our Ducky Race. There was discussion about whether this annual membership is worth the fee.

Laurie moved that we renew our yearly membership with the Pocahontas County Chamber of Commerce. Jerri seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

JL said the he has tickets for the Chamber of Commerce's annual dinner which will be held at the Opera House on March 29. The tickets are good for one free dinner and one dinner (for a guest) at $35. Please e-mail JL if you would like to go as our representative.

Birdhouse:Loretta said that Howard Lowe would like to have the birdhouse that is outside Pampered Pets. We will discuss this at the next meeting.

Next Meeting:Our next meeting will be held at the Green Bank Library at 6 p.m. on April 5.