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Meeting April 2012

Attendees- Laurie Adkins, JL Clifton, Nancy Maddalena, Jerri Sipe and Sherry Turner.

Minutes from Previous Meeting- Sherry moved that the minutes from the meeting of March 1 be approved. Jerri seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Treasurer's Report- Laurie reported that, as of March 31, we had $4,280.99 in our operating account and $166.70 in our Pampered Pets account. The current amount of our loan is $139,372.52. There were 13 cat spays, 8 cat neuters, 5 dog spays and 5 dog neuters for March.

Part of our expenses for March included the new roof, for which we will receive our $3000 grant soon. Sunny sent word that it looks like we have been charged at the business rate again for our electric bill at Pampered Pets. She will call the power company again.

Nancy moved that the Treasurer's report be accepted. Sherry seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Committee Reports-

Animal Shelter Committee:

Sherry and Jerri reported that they had arranged for a phone call with Bill Daggett, a shelter designer from Charlottesville who contacted us about his services. They are also planning trips to Randolph County and Harrisonburg to learn about their animal shelters.

Fundraising Committee:

Paws for Pets:

Jerri reported that the Paws for Pets fundraiser progressing slowly but we have collected over $100 so far.

Pennies for Pets:

The Pennies for Pets fundraiser is on hold. The Hillsboro School has just finished its Pennies for Patients fundraiser so they would like to do the Pennies for Pets one in the fall.

Bingo Application:

JL reported that there has been no progress on the Bingo Application.

Treasure on the Mountain Tickets:

JL reported that the early bird drawing for Snowshoe's Treasure on the Mountain raffle will be in May. He needs all sold tickets as soon as possible.

Old Business-

Jerri's Letter to the Editor: Jerri said that she had not been working on her letter to the editor. She is considering using it as a membership drive letter.

Mission Vision/Statements: Sherry reported that she has sent the completed Mission/Vision statements to Ava to add to our website and she is working on a blurb about who we are for the website's front page.

Bylaws: It was agreed that we would put working on the bylaws on hold until we get more new members. If some of these new members were from the SPCA, it would be a good way to make them feel more a part of the organization.

Membership Drive: Jerri handed out sample membership cards she had made.

Pampered Pets: Chip has provided us with an estimate from Glades for materials for repairing the plumbing at Pampered Pets. The estimate is for $420 if the plumbing inside the concrete wall isn't cracked. It was agreed that we will put the plumbing job on hold until we see if we can lease our building on Second Avenue to Dr. Leaseburge, the new Chiropractor in town. It was also agreed that Sunny would ask Leaseburge to make us an offer.

Sunny sent word that Frieda from Kellison Insurance, who may be looking for new office space, has not gotten back to her about the possibility of renting our building.

New Business- Pet Smart Grant: We missed the first deadline and have put applying for the grant on hold until the next deadline.

Grant Writer: It was agreed that it would be a good idea to employ Karen Bordonaro as a grant writer and we will have Sunny check her references.

Next Meeting: Our next meeting will be on May 3 at 6:00 p.m. in Marlinton.

Other New Business: Money Transfer for Paying Bills Laurie said that she needs money to be moved from the operating account to the Pampered Pets account so that she can pay several bills. Nancy moved that we move $750 from the operating account to the Pampered Pets account. Sherry seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Our Website: Sherry will contact Marcella and Ava about a special meeting for working on details needed for our website.